Terry Hay of Auckland: Twice Retired

Terry Hay of Auckland has owned and operated several businesses during the course of his career. After serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1966 to 1968, Terry Hay of Auckland attended the University of California at Irvine and graduated with an economicdegree.

From there, Terry Hay of Auckland relocated to Hawaii, where he began a small, two-person health food distribution company. “Turns out I was good at business,” he recalls today. Terry Hay of Auckland ran the business for ten years and watched it succeed. He decided to sell it and retire at the age of forty.

But early retirement was not for someone like Terry Hay of Auckland. “Failed,” he says simply. “Too much day time TV.” So he started a new business, this time in New Zealand, and called it Fresh Developments. The company “made salads for the super markets. Expanded that business to 35 persons and then sold it,” he remembers.

In 1996, Terry Hay of Auckland bought an existing flight catering business that employed three hundred people. “Lots of downturns in the airline business, but we survived,” he says. Pacific Flight Catering Limited, as Terry Hay of Auckland’s business was called, provided in-flight catering services for international airlines in New Zealand. Services included menu development, production, waste disposal, equipment storage and management, and bonded goods management.

That business was sold to Gate Gourmet, the leading independent provider of airline catering and provisioning services. Terry Hay of Auckland retired for a second time in 2008, and re-settled back in Hawaii. Instead of watching too much TV, Terry Hay of Auckland keeps himself busy with consulting work to food businesses.


Terry Hay of Auckland’s History of Entrepreneurship

Terry Hay of Auckland is more than just an entrepreneur. He is an individual who, against all odds, started several successful food distribution companies. Throughout his career, Terry Hay of Auckland has proven that he has what it takes to found and manage a range of businesses.

When Terry Hay of Auckland graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in economics, his career options were limited. However, he decided to take a crack at founding his own business. The company, Kamaaina Distribution Company, quickly grew from a two-person operation into one of Hawaii’s top 250 businesses. Terry Hay of Auckland surprised even himself with the company’s success, which demonstrated that he has a natural talent for entrepreneurship.

Due to his success, Terry Hay of Auckland retired at age 40. Yet, he chose to reenter the work force some years later and founded a new company, Fresh Developments. Located in New Zealand, the business created salads for supermarket chains across the country. Terry Hay of Auckland also enjoyed great success with this business, which reaffirmed his decision to come out of retirement.

After selling Fresh Developments, Terry Hay of Auckland then bought a flight catering business. Although he did not technically create the company, he developed it into a big name in the airline food catering business.

After many years of success, Terry Hay of Auckland finally retired for good in 2008. If he returns to the working world once again, it is sure that he will enjoy continued success in his business endeavors.

Advice from Terry Hay of Auckland on Starting a Business

As the founder and former CEO of two successful food distribution companies, Terry Hay of Auckland knows how to effectively start a new company. For individuals who are interested in founding their own company, Terry Hay of Auckland has some tips to share that will make the process easier.

Ask for Help

Terry Hay of Auckland understands that founding a company can be very difficult, which is why he recommends seeking out a business partner. Working with a business partner helps to split the division of labor, and gives you a sounding board for your ideas. Terry Hay of Auckland promotes business partners, as they can be extremely helpful and supportive during the early stages of your company.

Use Social Media

In today’s world, social media has become a platform for advertising just about anything. Terry Hay of Auckland recommends creating company profiles for your business on various social media sites as a means for getting your name and message out there. He knows that using social media can be hugely beneficial for attracting customers, improving customer service, and creating marketing campaigns.

Get Legal Help

At some point, your business will eventually need the assistance of a legal professional. Terry Hay of Auckland suggests starting the process of seeking a lawyer as soon as possible, so you won’t have to worry about complicated legal issues during the founding of your company. As legal assistance can make or break a business, Terry Hay of Auckland emphasizes the need to work with someone who can adequately accommodate your company’s needs.

Why Terry Hay of Auckland Joined the Marine Corps

Although he may not seem like the military type, Terry Hay of Auckland served in the United States Marine Corps from 1966 to 1968. He served during the time of the Vietnam War, and was stationed in Vietnam for several months. For Terry Hay of Auckland, his time with the Marines was a very influential period of his life.

Terry Hay of Auckland chose to join the Marines for the chance to help his country. As a true patriot, Terry Hay of Auckland loves the United States. Thus, he was honored to be able to serve in a military branch when the opportunity arose. He knows just how valuable the military can be in safeguarding the welfare of the United States, so he was eager to be a part of this protective force.

Of course, joining the Marine Corps was about more than just the chance to help his country. Terry Hay of Auckland also chose to join because he wanted to be a part of something bigger. He understood that the Marine Corps would provide unique and exciting experiences unrivaled by anything else. As such, Terry Hay of Auckland felt passionately about being part of a group that would truly make a change in the world.

Terry Hay of Auckland’s patriotic spirit, coupled with his desire to participate in bigger global change, made him the perfect candidate for the United States Marine Corps. He thoroughly enjoyed his time spent in service of his country, and he is proud to still call himself a Marine.